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Summer Storage Tips

Bubblewrap - Fun Facts

Machynlleth Carnival 2015


Summer Storage Tips




Summer is upon us and we should take advantage of the warmer, sunnier days - time for some outdoor living; barbecues, cycling, camping, going to the beach.

Here are some ideas of what to bring into storage and what to take out.

Winter Wardrobe

Time to pack away the winter jumpers and heavy coats and all the winter sports gear to free up some space in your wardrobe to bring out the summer clothes.                                                                          If you have a lot of clothes to pack away, place them in vacuum sealed bags to make them less bulky - make sure they are clean and dry before packing.

Summer Activities

Take out all your camping equipment, bicycles and any other summer sports equipment such as kayaks, canoes and take advantage of the warmer weather - take all your winter equipment such as skis, sleds back into storage - it is always best to condition your sporting items with wax first before packing them away for any length of time.

Summer Guests

It is the time of year when family and friends visit your home - especially if you live along the coast.    Look around the house and the spare bedrooms - which are often used as a dumping ground - and if there are items you do not need or have used in the last couple of years, take them to the storage unit until you have time to go through them and sort them.


Are you a student going home for the summer holidays?

To avoid transporting all your belongings back home in your parent's car and avoid showing them how much stuff you have actually accumulated during the year, place them into a storage unit - check out our Special Student Storage Package which includes all transportation.


Bubblewrap - Fun Facts

Bubblewrap is used in many homes and offices to protect delicate items for packing or shipping.

Bubblewrap came about by accident - in 1957 two engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding tried to create textured wallpaper by sticking 2 shower curtains together - this failed because of the air bubbles that were created - the bubbly material was marketed as greenhouse insulation material.        They eventually founded the Sealed Air Corporation with bubblewrap as one of their main products - one of their first clients was IBM in 1960 and that is when bubblewrap really took off.

The amount of bubblewrap produced by Sealed Air annually is enough to wrap around the entire Earth (at the Equator) 10 times.

Bubblewrap is not just for protecting your fragile items - here are some other uses:

1. Insulate your windows - cut window sized pieces of bubblewrap and tape them to the inside of the windows for added warmth and savings on your fuel bills in the winter - lower the blinds or draw the curtains to make it less noticeable from the inside.

2. Protect patio plants - keep outdoor container plants warm and protected from winter frost damage - wrap each plant pot with bubblewrap and use tape or string to hold in place, make sure the wrap extends a couple of inches above the lip of the pot - the added insulation will keep the soil warm during the winter months.

3. Keep your pets warm - insulate your dog's kennel with bubblewrap to keep hime warm when the temperature begins to fall in the autumn.

4. Add comfort to camping - lay down a sheet of bubblewrap before putting up your tent which will protect you from the ground's moisture and act as an air mattress under your sleeping bag.

5. Add a twist to Twister - when playing the popular game, add a layer of bubblewrap to give it some extra pop.

6. Add texture to paintings - instead of using sponges for texture, dip pieces of bubblewrap in paint and get artistic - the kids will love it!

For a range of bubblwrap rolls , please call in to the main storage centre or visit

Machynlleth Carnival 2015

This year's carnival is taking place on Saturday 25th July - the theme is Viva Las Vegas.

The day will start with music by the Town Clock from 10.30am

Judging and fancy dress at Mid Wales Storage Centre car park at 12.30pm

The carnival parade will proceed up the main street at 1pm led by Newtown Silver Band to arrive at Y Plas at 1.45pm

The results of the Fancy Dress and Arts & Craft classes will be announced at 2pm

There will be live music at Y Plas in the afternoon.