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Help To Buy Wales


The Help to Buy Wales Equity Loan Scheme was launched in Wales on 2nd January 2014 giving more first time buyers with only a 5% deposit a helping hand onto the property ladder.

The £170 million scheme is available on new builds only up to the value of £300,000 - this applies to first time buyers and existing home owners on condition the new build will be the only property you occupy.

The Government provides a 20% equity loan up to the value of £60,000, so combined with a 5% deposit, you have a 25% deposit, therefore only require a 75% mortgage.

The Equity Loan is repayabel after 25 years  or on the sale of your property - whichever comes first - so you can sell your home anytime, but will have to pay back 20% of the sales price of your property.

There are no charges for the first 5 years - with the exception of a £1 monthly admin  fee. On the sixth year interest will be charged at 1.75% per annum on your loan which will increase every year by the retail price index plus 1%.

The aim of the scheme is to boost demand for new build properties and help the housing construction market and should also encourage more banks and building societies to lend.

Further information can be found on:



Green Cleaning your Home

With Spring on its way, it is time to think about the dreaded spring cleaning.

Many common cleaning solutions today can be harmful to the earth as well as our health - try and use cleaning methods and products which are safe for both the home and environment.

To give your home a green clean this spring, check out the following tips:

  1. Bicarbonate of Soda - this has many uses particularly for dissolving grease and grime when mixed with a little water. It is also a great deodoriser in fridges and dishwashers as well as a water softener.  For blocked drains place some over the plughole and pour some vinegar over.
  2. Olive Oil & Vinegar - use a little olive oil on a cloth to get rid of marks on stainless steel surfaces.  Vinegar is an all purpose cleaner and dissolves grease, removes mildew and certain stains and wax build up - it will also add a sparkle to your windows when mixed with water.
  3. Lemons are a natural cleaning solution and a great disinfectant - mix half the juice of a lemon and some salt to clean heavily discoloured brass (not brass plate) and copper - also use to scrub grills and grates. To clean your microwave, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to a small cup of water, place in the microwave and bring to the boil, leave to stand for 10 minutes with the door closed and then clean with a damp cloth.  Rub half a lemon onto a chopping board to remove stains and kill any germs, rinse well and dry.  Adding lemon juice to vinegar will neutralise the strong vinegary smell.
  4. Air Freshners - avoid using aerosol air freshners which can cause eyes to water, nausea and headaches - most air freshners simply mask the unpleasant odours rather than neutralising them.  Create your own by using essential oils - in a spray bottle add drops of your favaourite oil such as lavender, jasmine or geranium to water, shake and spray.  Burning a candle scented with natural fragrances is also a good alternative to shop bought air freshners - just remember to blow it out.


Office Space to Let

If you are looking for office space in Machynlleth have a look at our newly refurbished office on Treowain Enterprise Park with its own parking and just a few minutes' walk into the town centre.

The ground floor premises consist of a reception area and 2 spacious,well lit rooms.

For further information contact us on Tel: 01654 703592


Online Box Shop

Mid Wales Storage Centre has just recently set up a new ONLINE SHOP due to increased demand for packaging materials.

We sell a range of boxes from strong double walled boxes, wardrobe boxes, archive boxes, strong adhesive tape, bubble wrap in various sizes and mattress covers - ideal for moving your possessions between homes, storing surplus items, shipping or for use in the office for document storage.

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