How to Store your Wedding Dress

After all the excitement of your big day, what happens to your beautiful wedding dress?

Cleaning and preserving a wedding dress is important to help brides treasure the memories of their wedding day – also for sentimental reasons as the bride may want to pass it down to future generations.

Wedding dresses are made using special fabrics and embellishments which are extremely delicate – if not properly treated can lead to the fabric stretching or discolouring and beads melting – different types of fabric include satin, organza, chiffon, lace which all have different cleaning techniques, therefore it is vital to find a specialist dry cleaner.

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It is recommended to have the dress dry cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding – any stains such as champagne and make up can eat away at the fabric and cause permanent staining.

After your dress has been professionally dry cleaned, make sure it is stored in acid free tissue – never wrap a dress in coloured tissue paper as the dye will affect the dress – and place into a breathable box which will protect the dress from dust, moisture and other environmental factors.

For long term storage, climate control is important to prevent humidity and any great variation in temperature – an attic or basement are the worst places to store a dress to avoid disasters such as leaking roofs and insects! Generally keep away from light, heat and damp.

Avoid hanging the dress on a hanger over a long period of time to avoid stress on the seams and shape of the dress.

Storing a wedding dress in any sort of plastic bags/covers is not advisable – plastic emits fumes which can cause the dress to discolour and any residual moisture trapped in the plastic will create mold/mildew over time.

Finally, check your wedding dress at least once a year to make sure it is ok and also to relive some of the great memories of your wedding day!

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