Moving house is stressful at the best of times and moving during the cold winter months does have its challenges – here are some tips to help make your move less stressful:


    • Book a professional Removal Company – they are trained to work in all weather conditions and will have all the necessary protective gear to ensure your belongings are moved safely – there is nothing more dangerous than trying to move bulky furniture yourself in icy conditions.

    • Check the weather forecast in advance – monitor the conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises – if it looks like it is going to snow, check with the removal company on their schedule and cancellation policy.  Try and prepare a Plan B should the weather conditions make it impossible for the move to happen and warn solicitors and estate agents in advance.
    • Light & Heat – days are shorter during the winter so make sure you have not cancelled the electricity with your provider and ensure you will have light and heat if moving directly into your new property – talk to the owners and find out who their utility providers are and try and confirm with the gas & electric providers at least 10 days before you move in to allow enough time for the new account to be set up.  Talk to the new owners/sellers about leaving the heating on low especially if there will be a gap before you move in to the new house until you have time to sort out the utilities to prevent issues like pipes freezing and bursting – not a problem anyone wants to face when moving into a new property.
    • Packing Materials – always use strong cardboard boxes as opposed to the thin free supermarket boxes which will collapse if they become wet in the snow – use mattress and sofa covers for added protection so your furniture stays dry as it travels from the front door to the removals vehicle.    Make sure all boxes are clearly labelled, if you can with the room they are intended for and a general description of the contents e.g. Lounge – Xmas Decorations; you will need the bedding as soon as you arrive at your new property and do not want to be opening every single box only to find what you are looking for is in the very last box you open!    Most storage and removal companies sell strong packing materials suitable for a house move – for a range of packing materials call in to our main office in Heol Y Doll, Machynlleth or visit our online shop

    • Be prepared – if it looks like snow  and ice is going to affect your move, have a couple of snow shovels and sand to hand so you can clear driveways and all necessary walkways to ensure a safe move.Pack a box of essentials separately with items such as a kettle, cup a soups and other hot drinks and sweet snacks  to keep your energy levels up.    Keep a change of warm clothes and toiletries so you can have a nice warm bath at the end of the move.
    • Look after your floors – moving furniture in and out of your home in slushy and wet conditions will risk damaging and dirtying your floors. Warn the removal company beforehand of the type of flooring you have – carpets/wood – so they can bring the appropriate floor protectors for the right type of surface – this will prevent any slips and falls on polished flooring.
    • Moving with children & pets  can be very unsettling for them so arrange to leave them with family of friends to avoid them feeling anxious and you can concentrate on the move knowing they are safe and out of the way.


    Planning & Preparation is essential for any successful and safe move, whether you are moving during a heatwave or in sub-zero temperatures.

    Good Luck!