Storing away your Summer Items

    Now that the summer holidays are over and the children have gone back to school it is time to start thinking about packing away all your summer gear from tents, surfboards, barbecues and summer clothes.

    Whether you will be storing everything in your attic, garage or renting a storage unit, here are a few tips:


    Beach Items

    Inflatable dinghies bucket and spades, deckchairs, snorkelling equipment – wash away any sand/dirt and make sure all items are completely dry before storing.

    Place small, loose items in a box and clearly label so you can find it easily next summer.

    Garden Furniture

    Looking after your garden furniture does not require a lot of time or effort – even though most outdoor furniture is supposed to be weatherproof, the reality is not always the case.

    If left out over the winter months unprotected, your garden furniture will become dirty and stained.

    The first step is to clean the furniture as any moisture or dirt left on the items can cause mildew to develop.

    Firstly use a dry cloth to brush off any pollen or dirt – items made of wicker, iron or plastic can be cleaned with simple washing up liquid mixed with water – for wooden furniture use a warm solution of sugar soap and a scrubbing brush leaving the solution to soak for a few minutes – finish off by rinsing with a garden hose.

    If the cushion covers are removable, wash them separately and make sure the cushion pads are completely dry before storing them.

    Sports Equipment

    Bikes, Kayaks, Canoes – make sure your outdoor sports items are completely wiped down to eliminate any traces of salt, sand and dirt and let them dry out.

    The best way to store a kayak is to hang from the ceiling of your garage or storage unit – use more than 2 wide straps and keep the straps away from the ends so the kayak does not sag in the middle over time.

    Before storing bicycles, it is recommended to keep the tyres inflated and check the air pressure on a regular basis – this will help to extend the tyre life by avoiding problems such as cracks on the side of the tyre – avoid suspending your bike from a single wheel rim from your garage/ storage ceiling as the wheels are not strong enough to take the weight of the bike without bending or getting damaged.

    Summer Clothes

    It is important to make sure all clothing items are clean and dry before packing away.

    Store in clear plastic boxes so you can see what is in them.

    Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing which have a side opening for ease of access to the clothes.


    If you do not have a garage, dry shed or attic space, a storage unit is an ideal solution, especially if you have paid a lot of money for all your items – take advantage of the space and use it to store additional items you do not need to keep around the house.