Student Storage – A Guide to moving out at the end of term


    With the end of term fast approaching and exams coming to an end, students are looking forward to going home for the summer holidays – which means moving out of  halls/shared houses

                 You will probably have  arrived at the beginning of term by car with a few suitcases and basic items and realize how much you have accumulated during the course of the year                             Smart TV – game console – executive office chair for all the long hours studying

    The thought of facing a shock/horror reaction from the person  who volunteered to drive a few hundred miles to collect you and faces the task of fitting the equivalent of a Transit van load into a family car – can fill you with panic and realize there must be an alternative option.


    Student Storage is an easier option to choose – so how does it work?

    • At Mid Wales Storage Centre we offer a Student Storage Package which includes a collection and return service – we supply you with boxes a few weeks before your departure, arrange a collection date and return to your new accommodation.


    • Where is Mid Wales Storage Centre?   We are situated just 18 miles north of Aberystwyth – our facilities are climate controlled with 24 hour monitored security – our main office is only a few minutes’ walk from the railway station in Machynlleth so if you need to collect a few items or suddenly remembered you have accidentally packed your passport, access is available 6 days a week.


    • How to Pack – first of all decide what you do not want to take home with you over the holidays – it is unlikely you will be wearing the padded puffer coat over the summer, sort out all your winter clothes – kitchen items – bedding (try and wash your duvet cover before packing so it’s nice and fresh for when you return) If you have  a lot of books, place a small layer evenly at the bottom of each box – do not fill one box full of books – it’s not a weightlifting competition    any fragile items – wine/gin/shot glasses,  plates, cups, try and layer amongst your clothes to avoid damage.                           

              It’s always a good idea to mark the top of the boxes with a marker pen so you know what’s in them

              Try and use up your food supply a month or so beforehand especially freezer items – you cannot store any fresh food – unopened tins/pasta/jars are ok                                                        

              If you have larger items such as a bicycle/TV/mattress topper – these can also be stored           

              Any items you feel you will no longer have use for could be donated to local charity shops


    • Leaving Aberystwyth for good? We do provide  a courier service both within the UK and internationally so you can take all your essential items with you to your next destination



             We try and make your move as easy and as stress free as possible  so you can go home and enjoy your long awaited summer holidays without your family realizing how much stuff you have left  behind.

    If you would like any further information or make a reservation, just get in touch